Hardware Requirements

Windows Compatible

Catalog Master will run on any flavor of Windows including along-side a Apple / Mac operating system with a dual boot. It makes full use of Windows features to display data in a sophisticated, graphically-oriented format.

Catalog Master Software

Our software runs on any version of Windows

The software programs take up approximately 100 megabytes of disk space currently, and are installed separately on each workstation.

The reference databases installed with the software can take up to a gigabyte of disk space, but are installed only on the central server.

Memory requirements: all computers built since about 2005 have more than enough memory to run our programs.

Computer requirements vary depending on how a system is configured. Small companies can function quite well with simple laptops and perhaps one computer configured as a central storage point for data. Larger companies may well have one or more servers and a robust network. Our software will work in any configuration, from one computer offices to large distributed networks of hundreds of computers.

We can also provide off-site (cloud based) storage for your data.

Databases: the software is optimized to run on MySQL as a back-end database, but it can also access Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and most other popular server databases.